RELEASE DATE: FEB 26, 2021 on Spotify. 



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Nic Bam wants the mentally ill to have an effective voice for advocacy by focusing his artistic intentions on creating himself as a representation of those that don’t need to martyr themselves anymore. Nic Bam does that through his music, live performance, entertainment brand, movies, and the non-profits he’s created.



The powerful energy behind Nic’s music comes from the need to be heard. Nic Bam launched his rap career when he began to tour with artists such as Moka Only, Illa J, and Tanya Morgan as their official tour support throughout Canada and the USA, most of which Nic also did the footwork of the bookings. Nic’s hunger to perform and entertain can be heard in his music.


There can be a lot of ways to describe Nic Bam. Aside from being a family man, emcee/rapper, entertainer, philanthropist, polymath, phonetician, producer, and writer. Nic doesn’t have a set standard into who he is supposed to be other than a focused creator who’s always learning. 


Born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, the rapper/producer began to write verses around 1996. As a 12-year-old snot-nosed youth Nic dreamed of performing in front of audiences around the world. When Nic began to tour in 2007, his first tour was with Moka Only on his Vermillion album release tour, which Nic coincidentally booked for Moka.


A high school drop out, Nic spent from the ages 16 to 18 getting to know the Hip Hop scene around his city helping put on some of the first Hip Hop shows in his home town up until he began to book Moka Only’s tours in 2007.


Inspired by great Canadian rappers before him, Nic looks to artists like; Moka, Classified, Swollen Members, and the Rascalz to name a few to draw inspiration for how great an underground artist can do when they truly apply themselves to their craft.


2020 is an important year for Nic, as he’s returning to creating and performing his music full-time since being away for three years helping raise his children while his wife attended school from home.


Nic Bam has performed at more than 500 shows since 2007 either as a solo performer, in a group or as a hype-man. He is a veteran when it comes to controlling a crowd and rocking the microphone as an emcee (master of ceremony.) Nic Bam’s live performance is so incredible, you’ll be emotionally moved as a crowd member in attendance or intimidated as a following act if he’s opening for you. Either way, Nic will leave everyone wanting more.

© 2020 by NIC BAM

Declaration: I have been given amazing opportunities within the Hip Hop culture and with rap music. This culture I love so much was created by the black culture and has been appropriated for far too long. Out of enlightenment and respect, I feel I owe a piece of my earnings whenever I profit from my art because I wouldn't have it if their people weren't torn from their homes in the first place. Another acknowledgment I need to equally make is to the Indian's (First Nations.) For me to live on your land , more specifically on (Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ , Huron-Wendat , Haudenosaunee  land) and earn from my art, I feel you also are entitled to a piece of my earnings. All of my royalties, licensing, publishing, and performance fees will be split 25% / 25% / 50% between resources here in Canada created to support the Black communities and Indian's here in Canada.