"Freakazoid" speaks to the freaks of the world. Those not afraid to be themselves while society divides, freakazoids come out at night.


STAGES // NIC BAM prod/dir/edt by NIC BAM

"Stages" shows us the literal stages our governments are taking us as people through in order to create a new world order. Everything I have predicted in this single has come true so far. Let's just hope I'm not 100% correct.

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Nic Bam wants the mentally ill to have an effective voice for advocacy by focusing his artistic intentions creating himself as a representation of those that don’t need to martyr themselves anymore. Nic Bam does that through his music, live performance, entertainment brand, movies, and the non-profits he’s created (Cocoon: Art on a mission, and Qreator.)

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© 2020 by NIC BAM

Declaration: Due to recent events, I must correct a mistake I've been making my entire life. I have been given amazing opportunities within the Hip Hop culture and with rap music. This culture I love so much was created by the black culture and has been appropriated for far too long. Out of enlightenment and respect, I feel I owe a piece of my earnings whenever I profit from my art because I wouldn't have it if their people weren't torn from their homes in the first place. Another acknowledgment I need to equally make is to the Indian's (First Nations.) For me to live on your land and earn from my art, I feel you also are entitled to a piece of my earnings. All of my royalties, licensing, publishing, and performance fees will be split 25% / 25% / 50% between resources here in Canada created to support the Black communities and Indian's here in Canada. I feel this to be fair for the remaining of my career.